Main Attractions and Sights in Cameron Highlands

As visiting tea estates is deemed the most popular activity in the Cameron Highlands, a trip to the Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estate comes highly recommended. Set amidst the hill north of Brinchang, your journey there will bring you past a Hindu temple and a visitor centre where you can get educated on the tea estate’s history.

During opening hours, early risers can enjoy a free 15-minute tour demonstrating the tea-making process. After which, you can buy your preferred choice of Boh tea from the gift shop and sip it while enjoying the view of the plantations spread out before you.

Sam Poh Temple
A rather peculiar and unexpected sight at the Cameron Highlands is that of the Sam Poh Temple. Situated approximately a kilometre off the main road just beneath Brinchang, it houses what is allegedly the fourth largest Buddha statue in Malaysia. More interestingly, however, it pays homage to Zheng Ho – a Chinese admiral and eunuch from medieval times – by showcasing beautiful pasticcio of imperial Chinese regalia. If you’re interested to visit the temple, take note that the road sign which leads to the site reads “Tokong Temple”.

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm
Located about 5km from the center of the Cameron Highlands, Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm is an apiary that has been passed down three generations. Apart from strong familial bonds, its longevity is also a testament of how efficiently the people behind the business run their operations. Visitors to the site will enjoy walking through its flowery gardens and, of course, shopping for honey.

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm
If you’re a butterfly collector, the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm would prove to be a place of interest. Although, that is not to imply that you can claim any of the delicate fluttering creatures within as yours. The farm is basically an enclosure that had been erected along a slope up in the hills, housing all kinds of gorgeous free-flying butterflies and peculiar aquarium-displayed insects. It’s also home to a scorpion pond and mini zoo for domestic animals.

Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm
To learn about hydroponic strawberry cultivation, simply visit Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm. Not only does it permit free entry, the farm also offers free tours of the strawberry field and processing plant. Most of the time, however, people visit this site to purchase fresh and exquisite strawberry jam and even ice-cream.

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