Introduction to Malacca

A small state in southern peninsular Malaysia, Malacca has a rich history and culture owing partly to Portuguese, Dutch and British rule in the past. Malacca is home to a fusion of Chinese and local cultures, known as Peranakan culture.

Initially a small fishing village, Malacca is said to have been founded by Raja Parameswara in the 14th century. Later, the Malay sultans rose to power in Malacca. With an all-weather port, Malacca had trade relations with the Chinese and the Arabs. Starting with the arrival of the Portuguese in the early 16th century, Malacca changed hands between various European rulers. The Portuguese were followed by the Dutch, who in turn were followed by the British. Malacca, eventually, became part of Malaysia.

The city centre of the capital Malacca City has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 2008.

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