Main Attractions and Sights in Yogyakarta

It would be a sin to miss the Ullen Sentalu museum at Kaliurang, which throws light into the history of the Mataram Sultanate. The museum, situated about 45 minutes away from the city, is a must visit tourist spot. Ancient musical instruments and puppet shows awaits the traveller at the well maintained museum.

Paying homage to its colonial past, the Bank Indonesia building at Malioboro Street stands in all its splendour amongst the buildings of the city. Rather than the size and historical importance of the bank, it is the architectural beauty that sets the building apart.

The Gembira Loka zoo is well maintained and houses a wide variety of animals and birds. The zoo also houses a small museum.

If you are easily awed by ruins, and structures that reflect the mysterious past of the country, then visit the Kotagede mosque. It is the oldest mosque in Yogyakarta and looks like a Hindu temple at the entrance. The Javanese architecture, Limasan type wooden framework and grounds encircled by old moss covered brick walls all lend a Hindu-temple touch, to the mosque.

Watch the sun rising from the Merapi Volcano, as you sip your morning coffee. Situated an hour and a half from the city, the volcano is a favourite hiking spot for many hikers. It takes about 5 hours to ascend to the top. If hiking is too much for you, hire a jeep and drive the bumpy roads to the villages, near the slope. The volcano last erupted in 2010 and one can see the lava flown out into the river.

If you visited the country for its rich history and spiritual past, inhale the fragrant fumes of Javanese culture, at the Prambanan temples. An hour away from the city, the Hindu temple complex dates back to the 10th century and soars 47 meters high. Do not miss the Ramayana open air performances conducted here, in the evening.

20 kilometres away from the city is Imogiri, tomb of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, the third king of Mataram Sultanate. The royal cemetery is located somewhat south east to Yogyakarta and it is mandatory that every traveller wears the traditional outfit, to enter the tomb. Climb the 442 steps to the hill top and peace and tranquility awaits you.

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