Main Attractions and Sights in Surabaya

There are quite a few interesting stops for the tourists Surabaya like: Mpu Tantular Museum, the People’s Amusement Park, Surabaya Harbor, Tugu Pahiawan Monument & Museum of Sepuluh Nopember and Surabaya’s Zoological Garden.

A rare variety of many animals can be found in the Zoological Gardens of Surabaya. From Komodo dragons to Orang Utans everything can be seen here and there are some of the rarest species of animals and reptiles that are to be found in the same garden in Surabaya.

In the Jembatan Merah area there are old houses belonging to the Dutch reign which provides a sharp contrast to the new buildings of our modern day world. Tunjungan Plaza is another place to be especially after nightfall when all the discos come to life and night life in Surabaya comes alive. The Pasar Pabean area is full of shops and malls and so tourists come here for the sole purpose of shopping to their heart’s content.

Here can be found many hotels and restaurants that stay within the affordable range of both the rich and the not-so-rich tourists.

To move around in Surabaya one ought to take a bus. There are three main types of buses available around the region. Two of these types are the luminous ones whereas one is the ordinary type. Then there are the air-conditioned buses as well. Taxis are available for ride on the other hand. Crossing the streets over Surabaya can be a tricky job as the pedestrian needs to press a button and make the drivers aware of their presence before the cars come to a standstill. Those who are not used to this type of a system will find it very hard to understand what to do in order to cross the roads.

Not like Jakarta, but still Surabaya is a very important city of Indonesia and because of this high importance a plan has been set up to connect the city with the Madura Island with the construction of a bridge. The plan is well on its way and very soon there will be a bridge connecting the two lands and this will be a very big help to the people living here.

Surabaya is a decent capital city where people can enjoy themselves and have lots of fun. Most tourists therefore, choose to stay at Surabaya for one or two days during their trip to Indonesia. This is a place where they can come and relax for a while.

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