Main Attractions and Sights in Palembang

In fairly recent years attempts have been made to present Palembang as a tourist attraction by giving it the name of ‘The City of Water’ and slogans such as ‘Visit Musi’ to let the city be advertised for its water attractions. You can consult your tour brochures for details.

Other attractions in Palembang are the Musi Bridge which is one of the largest bridges in Indonesia and a noted city landmark.

A visit to the Masjid Agung Palembang is a must for any visitor. This beautiful old Mosque features ancient Srivijayan architecture in some of its sections. The Mosque is situated near the main Palembang roundabout passing from the Musi Bridge.

Near to Benteng Kuto Besak you can take a browse around the Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II which displays the history of Palembang going back to the days of the Buddhist Srivijaya period, along with fine displays of traditional Limasan architecture.

Taking a cruise down the Musi River will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for any visitor. The small ‘pershu ketek’ boats offer a great view of the Ampera Bridge and Palembang city as seen from the River Musi.

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