Main Attractions and Sights in Batam

Batam center is a planned city made specially to attract tourists of different cultures. There is a wonderful Buddhist temple situated in the middle of the center as well.

People from around the globe enjoy the very many activities that take place in Batam. They enjoy the cable skiing, go- carting, Para-sailing, fishing, jet skis, horse riding, tennis, ultra light air craft, joy flight etc. Diving and golf is a favorite over here. The Holiday Inn Batam has excellent watersport facilities.

Batam is only 20km away from Singapore and about 25km from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Batam is Indonesia’s Special Economic Zones. Batam is an industrial hub with electronics factories and facilities for the oil service sector. A few expatriates live on Batam for work

Most tourists come from nearby Singapore and are mostly interested in illegal casinos and prostitution. You’re better off going elsewhere, such as Batam’s neighbor Bintan or the peaceful capital city of the province, Tanjung Pinang.

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