Main Attractions and Sights in Bandung

The Hussein Sastranegara airport is 4km from the city and hiring a taxi would be suggested to get to the hotel you stay at. Bandung is a bustling city with enough distractions to entertain tourists of every age group.

Those with a love for history and a yearning to know about things long gone must visit the Museum of the Asian-African conference. The museum celebrates the memories of the Asian-African peace conference held in Bandung in 1955 and is closely tied with the history of modern Indonesia. History lovers of a less political nature might find comfort in visiting the Geology Museum in Bandung which houses some of the ancient artefacts, dug out from the island.

If too much history sounds boring, you might want to head over to Trans Studio theme park. It is an indoor park and thus, makes it a perfect go-to place if you are looking to escape the heat of the afternoon sun. Children in the group might find the studio much more interesting.

After the sun has sunk into the horizon, the Bosscha observatory allows the tourist to take a peek into outer space. If you are not the stargazing type, never mind. You will find your little spot of peace and tranquillity at the St.Peter’s Cathedral in the city – a structure with strong ties to the country’s colonial past.

Beyond the city
This is the reason you are probably in Bandung – the mountains and the fields. However, if you want a piece of the real Indonesia, it is not in the city you should look. Lift your eyes, and look to the horizon. You just might spot the volcano. Kawah Putih is a volcanic crater and a prominent tourist spot. The air is sulphuric, and there is, of course, the intimidating rocks, often associated with a volcano. The cool water and the fantastic view are worth the effort and the strawberry fields and tea gardens on the way up are sure to make your heart merry.

If a refreshing bath is what you seek, there are hot springs at Tangkuban Perahu. The volcano is active and a guide will accompany you, safely to the crater. What’s life without a little adventure.

What if all you want to do is take in the Mountain View and just relax? You can as you go over the mountain where you will not see busy streets. Set in the mountain ranges in the Dago area in North Bandung, the golf course offers dramatic vistas and challenging greens to test your putting skills. The city is quite near and so are the hills.

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