Local Activities in Lombok

Sasak women in Lombok offer traditional massages in tourism areas, such as the beaches in Mangsit and Senggigi.

Lombok hosts a lot of great snorkeling sites in the Gili Islands, which also has, a turtle sanctuary. Some snorkellers get lucky and are able to find turtles and swim with them.

Scuba diving is also available at several places in Lombok, including in the Gili Islands.

Kuta is a must-visit for surfers, both professional and amateur.

Trekking is a very popular activity among visitors, who visit the island. Multi-day hikes up Mount Rinjani (3,726 m) are especially popular. One could also undertake shorter treks to waterfalls and other places of interest, on the island.

Fishing is another activity that tourists to Lombok enjoy. There exist various kinds of arrangements, from fishing charters with professional companies to arrangements with local fishing boat (perahu) operators.

Some of the best pearls in the world are produced in Lombok. Many visitors come to buy these pearls, the iconic gold pearls are especially sought after, by tourists.

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