Introductions to Bali

Bali, the smallest province of Indonesia and famous as the Island of the Gods, has been a tourist haven, for a few decades now. Encompassing many different kinds of terrain from mountains to sandy beaches and from desolate volcanic hillsides to luxuriant rice fields, and home to a unique, vibrant culture, Bali is the perfect example.

Inhabited by Hindus for over 2000 years, the island is still dominated by a Balinese Hindu culture, notwithstanding the fact that the rest of Indonesia has been largely Islamic for about five centuries. The island came under Dutch colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries and became part of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945.

Bali’s rise to touristic prominence has not been without its own share of problems. Many once paradisiacal places in Southern Bali have become concrete jungles with touts who overcharge tourists.There were terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005, in which a lot of tourists and locals died.

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