Getting around in Palembang

The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport serves the needs of travelers to Sumatra, particularly for Asian incoming and departing flights, though Western travelers may have to use the main Indonesian airport in Jakarta, and follow through on internal flights.

Such domestic flights provide a service to Jakarta, Batam, Pangkal Pinang and other destinations in the country.

Taxis from the airport are expensive and you can currently expect to pay 70.000-90.000 Rp for a trip to downtown Palembang. Although taxis are scarce at the airport try to get a metered Bluebird Taxi when you will get fairly good treatment. Palembang is also connected to other major cities on the island including Medan, Pekenbau, Padang, and Lampung by bus.

Within Palembang, then for short distances simply use a local becak or trishaw as they are sometimes referred to. You will pay about Rp 6,000-10,000 for ac short trip. Buses and a variety of vans adapted to travel purposes are available, but frequently every last inch of space is scrammed with passengers. The development of the Rapid Transit Bus system operated by TransMusi will be a welcome addition to the public modes of transport in the city.

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