Festivals of Palembang

Sriwijaya Festival and Musi Festival are celebrated over here which excites a lot of curiosity to the new comer. It was once believed that gold can be found under the rivers of Palembang but metaphorically speaking Palembang is indeed a goldmine for Indonesia today as thousands of tourists flock here each year.

The Indonesian city of Palembang is recognized as being one of the most ancient cities in the country with a reputation of having been the historic capital of the Kingdom of Srivijaya part of the Malay Kingdom, which also had a large influence on other countries in S.E.Asia.

Palembang is situated on the banks of the River Musi on the East coast of the South island of Sumatra and is the capital city of the South Sumatra Province, being the 2nd largest city in Sumatra apart from Medan. The population currently stands at 1.700 million people who live in a tropical rainforest climate often being affected by high humidity and gusting winds.

The city is divided by the River Musi into two sections, to the North is the Seberang ller, consider being the economic and cultural center of the region, and Seberang Uli treated as the Political Center of the area.

Historically Palembang was deemed to be the capital of the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Srivijaya (mentioned briefly earlier) which dominated the region which now consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. Palembang also is the origin of Parameswara the initial creator of the Malaccan Sultanate.

Thee are still reminders of the Dutch colonial period which can be observed in the city, and modern deep water ports have been constructed along the banks of the River Musi.

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