Main Attractions and Sights on Paros

Parikia is Paros’ largest village and the port where the ferries from Piraeus and the other islands arrive. The waterfront is crammed with seafood restaurants, taverns and cafes, along with a few souvenir shops.

Around the port spreads the old town, a maze of tiny alleys with picturesque white buildings in Cycladean architecture. Lose yourself in the backstreets and come across the 13th-century Venetian fort.

Although Paros bears great ancient history, the island’s Archaeological Museum only houses a handful of the findings on the island. The most important discoveries are exhibited in European museums; however, a fragment of Parian Chronicle, which still remains in the museum in Parikia, is well-worth viewing. Meaning “Virgin Mary of the 100 Gates”, Panagia Ekatondapiliani is a church complex which dates back to 3rd century. Including three different churches, it is supposed to feature 100 doors. Dozens of doors are a fact, but they don’t actually sum to one hundred.

Naousa is still in the process of evolving from a small fishing village to a hot-spot which can compete with Myconos. Hip boutiques, cocktail bars and notorious clubs overlook fishing boats still in use, around the village’s port. Here you will find the finest dining choices and options for restless entertainment.

Lefkes is Paros’ larger mountainous village. Nestled among the hills, it is the best spot for experiencing the island’s traditional lifestyle; men playing backgammon at the local coffee house, women chatting in the backyards, children running around the church. Capital of Paros in the Middle Ages, it has a bird’s eye view over the island and the clear blue seas, while old windmills surround the main parish.

Beaches around the island
Pounda is the trendiest beach around the island, where girls come to show off their new bikinis and boys play volleyball covered in oil. Loud music comes from the beach bars, where shots keep coming and dancing at noon is considered appropriate. For more chilled out options, try Piso Livadi, where people lay under the sun over reggae tunes. Kolimbithres feature bizarre rock formations, which build up small privet pools.

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