Main Attractions and Sights in Komotini

The most interesting quarter of Komotini is the town’s historic center. Lacking in greenery, it is, however, crowded with most of the town’s important sights, as well as some excellent examples of neo-classical and traditional local architecture.

The town’s four museums cover Komotini’s history from Neolithic Era up to the 19th century. Starting with the Archaeological Museum, the visitor can see exhibits and artefacts from Neolithic Era to Byzantine period, under the roof of one of the town’s most modern buildings. For a better look at Komotini’s Byzantine treasures, visit the Byzantine Museum, where a series of religious artefacts, jewellery, books and coins are on display.

For a pick at the life of a typical family of the 19th century, go to the Municipal Museum, which is housed in the neo-classical former villa of one of Komotini’s noblest families. Finally, occupying an excellent example of local architecture, the town’s Folk Museum features some interesting costumes and pieces of folklore art.

Dating back to the 4th century, the Byzantine Fort seems neglected, but is still one of the town’s main attractions. During its prime, the fort featured 16 towers; however, none has survived the Ottoman and Bulgarian invasions. Today the visitor can see only some parts of the defensive walls, as well as a church from the early 19th century, which is located inside the fort. Built over the remains of a Byzantine temple, the church houses an interesting 15th-century image of Virgin Mary.

Walk down Ermou Shopping Pedestrian, one of Komotini’s most picturesque streets, to come across Yeni Mosque and the Clock Tower. Dating back to early 17th century, Yeni Mosque is still in use and open to the public. Beside the mosque, lay Komotini’s traditional tinplate shops. East of Yeni Mosque stands the complex of Eski Mosque and former Imaret (workhouse). Erected in 17th century, Imaret featured some fascinating Turkish baths, which were unfortunately demolished in the 60s.

If traveling with kids, consider spending some time at the Municipal Gardens. Covering a 21-acre area, the gardens feature dozens of different flower and plant species, along with some fountains, a playground and a small zoo, where children can see and feed some local animal species. Relax over a cup of coffee, or a glass of cold beer, at the gardens’ kiosk.

Around Komotini
Four kilometres north of Komotini, spread Nymphea Woods. Bring some food and have a nice pick-nick at one of the wooden tables under the pine trees. Follow one of the many slated paths to discover small fountains and springs hidden in lush greenery. Sports facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, are scattered around the hillside. Walk up to the Municipal Tourist Kiosk, which is located over the remains of a Byzantine fortress, to enjoy coffee and snacks over a bird’s eye view of the town and its surroundings.

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