Main Attractions and Sights in Athens

The surroundings of Syntagma Square, along with neighboring area of Panepistimio and fancy Kolonaki, form the hottest shopping district in downtown Athens. Ermou pedestrian is the most sauntered Greek shopping street, while Kolonaki is home to chic local boutiques and well-known international designer houses; elegant Athenians drink their espresso in nearby caf?s and posh bars.

Well-known attractions around the area include the Greek Parliament on Syntagma Square and nearby National Gardens, Benaki Museum on Queen Sofia’s Avenue and Zappion Megaron on Queen Amalia’s Avenue. The National Library, Academy of Athens and the former building of the University of Athens are located just across Panepistimio metro station. Plenty of local and international restaurants and dinners are scattered around the narrow streets besides Syntagma Square.

The Acropolis is, naturally, the most popular spot of the city, along with neighboring Plaka and Monastiraki. Crowds of tourists on sightseeing scout mingle with locals strolling up the hill on their leisure time. This area is packed in ancient sites, including the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylea and Ancient Agora.

Dionysiou Aeropagitou pedestrian is ideal for rambling on a sunny day and will lead you right to the New Acropolis Museum, where the marbles from the excavations at the Acropolis are exhibited.

Picturesque Plaka is located right on the foot of the Acropolis, featuring narrow backstreets and charming houses from the early 20th century. Monastiraki is known for its flea market, souvenir shops and traditional taverns; street artists and performers give shows at the weekends.

This area is the capital’s hippest entertainment hub. Local youth overflows the trendy cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs around Psiri, Thision and Gazi (Keramikos), where partying stops with the first sunlight.

By daylight a different facet of the area is revealed; don’t skip a visit to the ancient cemetery of Keramikos Archeological Site, along with the Archeological Museum where the artifacts from the excavations are exhibited.

Excharcheia-Patision Str.-Metaksourgio
Excharcheia and Metaksourgio are Athens’ alternative districts. Surrounded by university faculties, Excharcheia features an underground profile and has been the anarchists’ meeting point for more than 30 years.

One of the capital’s liveliest districts, it houses countless tiny inexpensive cafes and bars; young boys and girls are also likely to hang out near the little square drinking canned beer.

Metaksourgio on the other hand, has been through a major facelift the past few years; from a drug-addict rank, it is now evolving into one of the city’s hottest art-spots, with independent theaters, small galleries and sophisticated bars popping up every other week.

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