Introductions to Ioannina

Capital of Epirus, Ioannina has a population of a bit more than 100,000 people, including 20,000 college students. Spread around the eastern bank of Pamvotis Lake, the city faces snow-capped mountains and is often surrounded by thick morning mist.

Ioannina’s history is strongly attached to the period of the Turkish Rule; Kastro, the city’s historic center, still boasts several samples of superb Ottoman architecture, hidden in its cobblestoned backstreets and alleys.

Due to the large student population, a wide variety of dining and entertainment options is available throughout the year, including local “tsipouradika”, shops which serve local distilled spirits over light savories. Dare to try the city’s most famous “meze” (Greek for delicacy), frog legs!

Accommodation varies from 5-star international hotels to inexpensive B&Bs, but the best way to experience the city is a traditional guest house, where you can enjoy lake views by the fireplace and try homemade local recipes. Traditional guest houses come in a luxury version too! Heavy climate and rainy winters make the summertime the best period to visit Ioannina.

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