Main Attractions and Sights in Toulouse

A walk around this city of Toulouse will teach you a lot of its history about the attractive and famous landmarks.

Take your time and pause at various sites like Basilique St-Sernin, which is a beautiful ancient structure with calming and relaxing inner design, just what you need when in the prayer mode. Its outer structure shows the strength and prowess of the builders. Other historical structures that you should not pass are the stunning town hall, Place Capitole and the private town houses that were built in the ancient times. A plan walk will take about two hours and it covers a distance of about 3 kilometres. You will be provided with refreshments along the way.

Some other places that you should visit when in Toulouse are Fondation Bemberg, Church of Les Jacobins, Musee des Augustins, Theatre du Capitole and Place du Capitole.

Places Nearby to Visit
You may want to get out on weekends and visit nearby places that you will enjoy passing time. There are many beautiful villages around Toulouse and the countryside is a great place to explore on your bike. The best way to get information of the best areas to visit is by getting information from the tourist offices. They have all that you will need about sightseeing and exploration.

However, the following are places that should be in your list if you just want to go your own way.

Cahor – It is an old village in the midst of Lot River. It is famous because of Pont Valentre, an old bridge that was built in AD 1000.

Carcassonne – The appropriate time to visit this village of festivities is on 14th July so that you can witness the fireworks. There is a regular train that frequents from Toulouse to this village. Couilloure – Though small, it is a beautiful beach that is a favourite spot for tourists.

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