Getting Around in Toulouse

Toulouse as a city is huge and you will need a taxi or a quick means to get to various locations of the city. The good news is that the historical centre is located in the downtown side of the city and it is small hence, you will not need to drive around to see the various attractions.

Walking to various sites is simple and enjoyable, and actually the best way to explore and learn different things about the history of Toulouse city. The enchanting landscapes and beautiful villages might carry you away and this is the point where the assistance of the local guides comes in handy. The guides direct you and explain everything that you will want to know about the attractions. The museums are user friendly in that the unaccompanied visitors are directed by audio-guides that are available in German, French, Spanish, English and Italian. Induction earpieces are also available for visitors with hearing difficulties.

Sometimes walking around becomes tiresome to some visitors. This does not mean that you will not enjoy the beauty of Toulouse city because in the auditorium of the museum there is a huge screen that shows the attraction site of Toulouse in depth.

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