Main Attractions and Sights in Turku

A visit to Turku, according to locals, is not complete without having a look at the famous Airisto Spa. There are quite a few such spas, which dot the area, called Airisto. The best way to know more about these Spas is to personally experience them.

It has some of the best sauna experts and masseurs to make your visit to these spas, a very special and memorable experience.

Turku Cathedral
This is a very old cathedral, which stands testimony to the rich culture and heritage of Turku. It was supposedly consecrated some time during the year 1300 and therefore, has lot to offer in terms of history of this beautiful city. It is located at Southern Gallery and reaching this place from the Turku is quite easy, to say the least. The cathedral also has a lot of emotional attachment to the people of this city. It is believed that apart from a popular queen, military commanders and some famous Bishops have also been buried in this Cathedral.

Turku Art Museum
The famous Turku Art Museum is again a must see, especially for the tourists who are interested to have a closer look at the history, art and culture of this city. Apart from housing some of best testimonies to the Finnish art and culture, this museum is also famous for some of the greatest exhibitions, which arouses interest not only in this country but all across EU and even many other countries in the world.

Other Places of Interest
Apart from the above there are other important places of interest in Turku, including Silja Line, Moominworld, Ruissalo Island, Turku Hostel, and last but not the least, the famous Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova.

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