Main Attractions and Sights in Rovaniemi

The most important landmark of Rovaniemi is the Jatkankynttila or Lumberjack Candle Bridge with its perpetual flame, over the Kemijoki River. This easily recognizable landmark is a wonderful subject, for photography. Arktikum House (has the Arktikum Science Museum dedicated to the history, culture and modern life in the Arctic regions of Finland and the world), Lappia House (acts as a theatre) and Rovaniemi Town Hall are other significant landmarks in the city. Rovaniemi Town Hall, concert hall and library have been designed by the famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto.

Arktikum is one of the best museums in Finland. It has a beautifully designed glass tunnel, which stretches out to the Ounasjoki. Enjoy the static and interactive displays, which are stimulating and enriching. Audio-visual show is also organized in the auditorium. Learn about the Sami culture, the music and costumes of the area. Canoe and fishing material displays are sure to catch your attention.

Rovaniemen Kirkko has a very large impressive fresco, behind the altar. It shows a Christ figure rising from the Lappish landscape.

Pilke Science Center has displays and exhibits about sustainable forestry in Finland and the products and commodities that the forest yields.

At the end of the day, spend some time relaxing at the sauna and Jacuzzi spa at Santamus. It is a log building with Lappish atmosphere. Enjoy sumptuous Lappish food along with live music.

Santa Claus Village and Santapark considered, the official home of Santa Claus, is at a distance of 8 kms north of the city center. Relive your childhood and gift your children a chance to live their dream, visit and meet Santa Claus.

Visit the site of the earliest known human settlement of the area at the top of the Ounasvaara hill.

Another reason which has become a reason for the increase of tourist influx is the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. An amazing phenomenon of Mother Nature, this is a colorful and natural firework on the skyline.

Another rare natural phenomenon that you can witness in Rovaniemi is the midnight sun, which can be seen from 6 June to 7 July. Napapiiri is the southernmost line at which at least once a year, the sun does not set.

The people who love snow and seek adventure, will love their visit to Rovaniemi. You can indulge in many activities here. You can go hiking during summers on the marked trails around Ounasvaara’s forests. Enjoy snowmobiling, snow shoe walking, skiing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, husky and reindeer safari, ice swimming. In summers, you can do whitewater rafting, swimming or enjoy river cruise.

Outside the City
Across the river is the Ounasvaara ski center, where you can enjoy skiing. You can drive to Vaattunkiköngaes and have a lovely time with friends. Reserve a cabin and live in the quiet and green surroundings. Another wonderful place to visit is Auttinkoengaes. It is about an hour distance from Rovaniemi.The scenic spot with waterfall and a river canyon is wonderful location, to spend some time relaxing.

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