Main Attractions and Sights in Pori

The largest and most important and significant collection of artefacts are found in this museum. Some of the most precious Finnish works of art are very carefully preserved in this museum.

If you are a Finnish art fan, you should certainly take time off and visit this museum, under all circumstances. The art works of some of the best known names, such as Akseli Gallen Kallela to Helene Schjerfbeck can be found here.

Finnish Toy Museum
Finland has a rich history of toys. Many of these accessories and dolls have lived their utility. However, they are very well maintained and preserved very well. The people who would like to know more about the background of the development of the different types of toys in this country, must certainly visit the Finnish Toy Museum.

Santa Claus Village
If you have children and would like them to shake hands with Santa Claus, certainly it is very important that you make a visit to this museum, of course with your children. You can also have the benefit of crossing the magical Arctic Circle, when you are in this village.

Other Places of Interest
The Satakunta Museum, The Pori Art Museum are other important places that one must visit when you are visiting this city. The natural life, at its best, can be seen when you have a chance to visit Arkki, It has some of the most unique collection of flora and fauna. Additionally, it also makes a lot of sense to visit the famous islands of Kirijurinluoto and Reposaari.

There are other important and popular tourist destinations too that must not be missed. For example, the Pori City Hall and the Renovation Center Tolvo and Korsman House are important structures, which must be visited, if you are keen to know more about the life and history of Pori in particular, and Finland, in general. The Pori Art Museum is another important center which must never be missed, under any circumstances. Pori certainly has quite a lot to offer for its tourists.

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