Main Attractions and Sights in Lahti

As is the case with many Finnish cities, Lahti is a city that is famous for its lakes. It would be pertinent to point out here that almost 18% of the city is covered by lakes and hence, it is a wonderful tourist place to be in. The lakes are very beautiful and one can see a lot of birds and other types of flora and fauna.

Sibelius Hall
It is a recent construction that stands tall in the landscape of Lahti. Amongst other things, it is famous for having been built totally with wood. It also holds the distinction of being the largest Finnish building, made from wood. The building amongst other things houses a world class theater with the best of acoustic facilities. It also has a superbly constructed Forest Hall, which provides the viewers, with an unhindered view of the lake in front of it.

Laune Family Park
It is certainly a family park in more ways than one. It is a place where one can easily move around in scooters and bicycles. It is a self contained park with free supply of water, and other facilities. The grass tufts are of the best quality and there is no doubt that children and grownups will certainly like it from many points of view. There are convenient bus services which can take you to the park.

This is another important and highly popular park which must be visited by tourists whether they are from Finland or from other parts of EU and also the world. The park amongst other attractions is famous for a short 15 minute concert. The fountains that abound the park rise up and down to the accompaniment of the music. The music brings back memories of the old Finnish classic and pop music history.

This is another important tourist attraction that should not be missed. It is in fact an open swimming pool. However, the swimming pool works only during the summer when the water below melts. During the winter the same place is used as a skiing resort. The swimming pool can be used by both children and grownups provided they know swimming. This is because at some places the depth of water could be as much as 3 meters or roughly around 10 feet. Apart from the above there are a number of shopping centers where one could get the best of everything as far as Finland is concerned. A few shopping centers that come to the mind are Sokos and Trio.

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