Main Attractions and Sights in Kajaani

Kajaani Art Museum is a small museum, in front of the historic town hall. You will be amazed by the variety in the exhibits, whether the theme of the art or the medium. You can also attend workshops and lectures or enjoy a performance.

The yellow colored pretty Town hall is a small wooden house designed by German architect, Carl Engel. Nowadays, it is used for civil weddings and small events.

The Evangelic Lutheran Church of Kajaani is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. Designed by a Finnish architect Jacob Ahrenberg, this church is made entirely of wood. The painting of Jesus and Saint Peter at the altar was painted by a local artist, T.G. Tuhkanen.

You should check out the 17th century ruins of the Kajaani Castle on the Ammankoski Bridge. Plaques are placed in English and in other languages for the convenience of travelers. These plaques tell the history of the castle and the purpose of each room. The castle served as a fortress to protect Northern Ostrobothnia from Russians and to monitor movements on the inland waterway. This is the reason why the ruins do not have a royal look.

Oulujarvi or Oulu Lake is considered the sea of the Kainnuun region. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing and hiking. The Nuasjärvi and Oulujärvi lakes with pine forests around are excellent spot for watching the wildlife, especially birds. Have fun while you engage in mushroom and berry picking as you explore the forests.

Enjoy fishing for whitefish, trout, pike and pike-perch in River Kajaani or Lake Oulujärvi.

Kajaani has several walking trails, you can enjoy. Pöllyvaara and Vimpelinlaakso have the most accessible trails and there are many cross-country ski trails as well.

There are many shopping options available in the town. In Kajaani, you can buy knit garments or traditional handicrafts. Enjoy shopping for souvenirs as you enjoy the typical small industrial town feel of the place.

The biggest poetry festival of Finland is held here in Kajaani and the town and the main street (Kauppakatu) transforms into a lively place, during this time. Witness the hustle bustle as the street is dotted with stalls selling food, clothes and local products.

Outside the City
Kajaani mostly serves as a stopover for tourists on their way to the Voukatti skiing center. There are daily buses from Kajaani to Voukatti.Enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing at the Voukatti, which has 13 slopes and extensive network of ski tracks.

Visit Kuhmo to see the wildlife of the region. Another attraction of the place is the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, which is held, every July.

Visit the picturesque village of Paltaniemi, the birthplace of Finnish poet Eino Leino. Visit his home, enjoy quality family time at Paltaniemi Beach or be mesmerized by the view of the Paltaniemi Church.

One of the oldest neighborhoods of Kajaani is Purola. Located to the south of Kajaani, it is next to pond Kaupunginlampi, (the Town Pond). In the east is Puistola. These neighborhoods have detached wooden houses, built in the 1950’s.

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