Main Attractions and Sights in Randers

Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo – This tropical zoo is different from typical zoos, in that this is the only tropical zoo housed within three large domes, as it creates a tropical rain forest ambience representing three regions – South America, Africa and Asia.

The climate has been brilliantly mimicked including the flora and fauna. Larger animals are caged or live with in walled areas, smaller ones wander freely with in the containment area. Nocturnal animals are held separately and so are the reptiles and snakes.

Graceland Randers is a replica of Elvis Presley’ home in Memphis, Tennessee, and happens to be the sole Elvis exhibit, outside mainland USA. This home contains the largest collection of Elvis’ personal belongings, including his stage costumes.

The Kystog Fjordcentret, a popular learning and playing center allows visitors to borrow waders and explore the life in water or experience canoeing. One could also bake cakes or touch and feel crabs. It is the only place where learning and playing are possible for the whole family. As one of the most unique natural areas in Denmark, Randers Fjord is considered to be a fertile delta of Guden’s estuary. At the estuary fresh river water from one of the longest rivers in Denmark mixes with the salt water from Kattegat.

Djurs Sommerland is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park with breathtaking roller coasters, several country-specific themes and a large water world, filled with several adventure rides. The Pirate

Captains Treasure happens to Denmark’s only water coaster – Skatteoen.

Randers Art Museum located at Stemannsgade was founded in 1887 and primarily displays works of Danish painters, particularly the renowned painters of the 19th and 20th century. The museum has a collection of nearly 5000 paintings, works of artists like Christoffer Eckersberg, Christen Kobe, LA Ring are notable from the 19th century, while Vilhelm Lundstrom and Asger Jorn are from the 20th century.

At the Museum Ostjylland, one can experience a glimpse of the Danish culture. Life of people who lived 100,000 years ago, followed by the life of people in the Middle Ages is displayed.

The old Town hall built in 1780 and designed by Morup and approved instantly by the then-Mayor of the city. However, as the city developed, the town hall was moved to a new location in 1930. The old Town hall building was physically moved and reestablished at the new location.

The Vorket can be summed up as a music and theater venue and serves as the cultural hub for Randers and Kronjylland. Nearly 400 events organized here are attended by nearly 100,000 visitors. Events range from rhythmic concerts to ballet to opera and movies.

Outside the city
Located at an hour’s drive from Randers is the world-famous Legoland Billund. Situated in Billund, which is in the central Jutland region of Southern Denmark. It is accessible via road from Copenhagen and Hamburg Germany and is roughly the same distance from both locations.

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