Main Attractions and Sights in Horsens

Located proximal to train station and Horsens city centre area, Bygholm Park is a preserved nature park filled with lakes and creeks. The Bygholm River and its swamp delta attracted King Erik Menved to build a caste in 1313.

The ruins of the castle can be seen even today, but the area has been transformed into a public park. In winter, this park is repurposed as an ice skating rink for the public.

Vitus Bering Park was established in honour of their local hero, Vitus Bering of Horsens, who was a world famous explorer. Close to the Horsens railway station, this rhododendron-filled park offers a glimpse of a pair of original canons, recovered from Bering’s ship. Bering authoritatively established that Asia and America were two independent continents. He explored to eastern world as Columbus explored the western world. Accessible from the park is Sondergade (High Street) which is home to Bytorv Horsens shopping centre and Bilka Supermarket.

The Horsens Museum has been in existence for over a century and displays over 250,000 treasured objects, including the archaeological excavation of the grave of Vitus Bering, on the Bering Island, in the eastern coast of Russia. Interesting exhibits include Bering’s oceanic expeditions, forensic research on Bering’s identity, a cast of Bering’s cranium and several pre-historic objects.

Faengslet prison served as the former Horsens State prison from 1853 and until 2006. In 2008, it officially ceased to function as a prison. The newly constructed East Jutland State Prison now serves Horsens and the old prison has been transformed in to a Prison Museum.

Not only are exhibits on display, but the Museum and adjoining halls host several business conferences, meeting, and even concerts year-round. The Prison Museum offers a rare glimpse of the shielded life of inmates and guards.

Among the exhibits are an axe used to behead Jens Nielsen in 1892, the huge pants of the fraudulent and convicted Minister of Justice Albertii who embezzled the Danish Government exchequer, the biker gang section, prison chapel and several interesting artefacts, exclusive to prison life. This prison has numerous stairs for visitors to consider.

The European Medieval Festival held usually on the last Friday and Saturday in August is organized in Horsens. Understandably, the small city gets transformed into a large medieval market place of Northern Europe with fun-filled activities for families and children alike. You can be sure that your family will have a great time visiting Horsens owing to the plethora of attractions which the city, has to offer.

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