Main Attractions and Sights in Gladsaxe

The 206.5 m tall TV tower built in 1955 and used for the first TV transmission in Denmark is an historic site to visit and is located in Gladsaxe town.

Anyone who is interested in enjoying the beach, would love the lakes and beaches in Gladsaxe. This little town is known for its water sports, including scuba diving. There are a few clubs which offer access to these water sports. The Gladsaxe Municipality supports these clubs and sports. These are not the mere swimming and water sports centres, but ones which involve adrenalin rush – wreck diving, beach diving from a nearby coast of the Sound, diving trips etc. Beach volleyball clubs are common in Gladsaxe and the public parks in Gladsaxe offer interesting sports for kids, such as tree climbing and rope hanging.

Kobenhavn Zoo (Copenhagen Zoo) is open all year around, from 10 am and located in Copenhagen, a few kilometres away from Gladsaxe. Norman Foster’s elephant house and the Arctic Ring are two major attractions in the zoo.

Danmarks Akvarium is anaquarium which was relocated from Charlottenlund, in 2012. The newly constructed aquariumis known as The Blue Planet, opened in Kastrup suburb of Copenhagen.

Botanisk Have is the University of Copenhagen’s botanical garden located closer to Gladsaxe and situated in the middle of Copenhagen. Botanisk Have is part of a large national Natural History Museum and contains the largest collection of beautiful plants and houses three gene banks. Botanisk Have houses the largest Danish Herbaria collections of plants and fungi. Even though this serves as a repository of valuable germplasm and intellectual property, this garden also serves as a bibliographic repository for educational and training purposes.

Outside the city
In addition to Copenhagen, being the closest and major attraction for Gladsaxe visitor, the Bakken, 9 kms away is a great area for ice-skaters. The north-eastern Island of Sjaelland is famous for its contrasting architectural styles and novelty.

The Fredensborg Falkonergerd located 28 km away from Gladsaxe is a spectacular display of the age-old tradition of Danish training the hawks for hunting. Tourists are able to watch the falcons, eagles and hawks. These birds have been employed since the Viking age when these falcons were companions of Viking Chieftains and Kings until 1810.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Aarhus.

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