Main Attractions and Sights in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Have Park is among the largest and most attractive parks in Copenhagen, spread over 30 hectares of parkland. Originally planned as a palace ground, it is reminiscent of baroque and romantic era landscape. A nice place to relax during warm days, this place is a popular gathering place for kids, families and contains a few recreational activities.

Towards the palace, on a knoll, is the Temple of Apias. This temple is a Greek style building, constructed in 1802. This park also houses a Chinese gazebo and bridge, apparently constructed in 1803. This area was used as a rendezvous and tea party area for royal visitors. This large park is situated on a moat and opens to public, on Sundays. One end of the park houses the Frederiksberg Palace, the main attraction and a historic landmark.

Frederiksberg Palace is located atop the Valby Hill, overlooking the Frederiksberg garden. Built in baroque style, this palace dates back to 1699 and was the royal residence of the royal family. Currently, this has been refurbished to accommodate the Royal Danish Army Officers Academy. Though it served as a permanent residence for King Christian VI, it became a summer residence of King Frederik IV. Some interesting history behind the insane King Cristian’s life can be interpreted, at the palace.

Vernedamsvej is a small, child-friendly shopping street, situated between Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej. Known for the street’s French ambience and referred as ‘Copenhagen’s Paris’, it also referred to as “The Food street”, due to the diverse cuisines and find dining options. Apart from food, there are other shopping attractions, including modern fashion stores, floriculture outlets and the beautiful alleys are worth a stroll.

The massive City Hall (R?dhuset) apparently took almost a decade to be constructed. This long construction time has been attributed to the City Council’s failure to sense the then imminent World War II, leading to material shortages, all over Europe. The city hall is a mammoth building and it is believed that some rivalry with Copenhagen, might be involved. However, the great view from the tower 60 m above offers breathtaking view of the neighborhood and nearby areas and canals.

A small nice museum in the middle of Frederiksberg, the Storm Museum is established in honor of Robert Storm Petersen. Storm was a famous Danish artist, cartoonist, author known as ‘Storm P’ for his humorous works, and claimed to be original Danish works. The museum houses over 50000 drawings, many of which are displayed involve comedic drawings of “philosophical” vagabonds and his beloved Storm P machines. These hypothetical machines are believed to accomplish tasks and perform simple functions, depicted humorously.

Outside the city
Copenhagen, the coolest and cosmopolitan capital of Denmark is located about 15 mins distance from Frederiksberg. Copenhagen is safe, clean and easy to commute and stroll. All facilities have or know English language assistance. Though not a cheap city, it offers a great sense of Danish flavour and life.

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