Main Attractions and Sights in Esbjerg

The Esbjerg Water Tower designed by CH Clausen in 1896-97 offers a unique view of the small harbour town. The Tower serves as a permanent exhibition area. Developed on the theme of the medieval residence, Haus Nassau in Nuremberg, this is a must-see treasure.

The old Amberg’s Courthouse and Jail in Esbjerg is situated on the central square of the town. Due to its construction and related activities, the population of Esbjerg is considered to have tripled between 1890 and 1900.

Ancient tracks in the forest of ?stskoven in Esbjerg have turned out to be an excellent excavation sites for treasure hunts. In the late 80s and early 90s, the Esbjerg Museum successfully excavated numerous treasures representing the period from Stone Age to Middle Age of evolution. These excavations by the Museum in it have created a special area and an ancient route through the area.

The MennesketvedHavet (Man meets the Sea) is a 27 feet tall monument designed by SvendWiigHansend ,in 1995. It represents white men and located at the S?dding Beach on the northern side of Esbjerg and the Southern-West coast of Denmark.

Another attraction that offers wonderful experiences for the entire family is the Fisheries and Maritime Museum that houses a sea water aquarium, fishery and shipping exhibits, and maritime themes. The most popular attractions at the Museum include the Seal house, Mink house and the large indoor exhibition room displaying harbour, shipyard, workshops and dockyard materials.

The Esbjerg History and Amber Museum is another interesting attraction. The Danish gold or the amber has been very popular in Denmark. Hundreds of amber objects dating back to 10000 years are on display. These antique artefacts narrate the powerful story of Esbjerg from the Iron Age and the Viking age until today.

Outside the city
The original Legoland park built in 1968 is situated in the town of Billund is an hour drive from Esbjerg. Located adjacent to Denmark’s second busiest airport, Billund airport, this park is a major international tourist attraction. Over 2 million visitors are served each year at the park. The Park offers recreation for all ages and provides ample amenities for families.

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