Main Attractions and Sights in Aarhus

The Old Town Museum, Den Gamle By is the world’s first National Open-air Museum that narrates the city’s history splendidly and it the place where one will find history, nicely recreated. As Denmark’s only museum outside Copenhagen, it offers a great experience of daily life and working, in a Danish market town.

This museum offers visitors to experience people and characters of the past and experience life, as it were in their living rooms and kitchens.

Located in Moesgord Manor and just 15 mins from the Aarhus city, the Moesg?rd Prehistoric Museum is in a landscaped estate, surrounded by beautiful sceneries. The museum has an Oldtidsstien, consisting of a pre-historic trail reconstructed pre-historic sites and burial grounds. This museum also houses a more than 2000-year-old Grauballe man, maintained and preserved extremely well, such that scientists were stunned to discover that he had consumed porridge for breakfast on the day, he was sacrificed. This museum is open for all seasons of the year.

The Kvindemuseet or the Women’s Museum is one of Denmark’s most authentic museums exhibiting all aspects of life of women, past and current. A nationally accredited specialty museum for research, archival and knowledge repository was started as a grassroots movement, under the auspices of the new women’s movement, during the eighties.

Beaches are very popular attractions in Aarhus. The three most popular summer beaches are Den Permanente, Bellevue and Moesg?rd Strand, which offer a beautiful walk with fresh air gushing. The Den Permanente hosts an old and characteristic bathing institution. Public transport buses to and from these beaches are routinely available for tourists.

Outside the city
At an hour’s drive through the lovely green hills of the countryside or a ferry from Zealand or air from Copenhagen, is a quaint little town, known as Ebeltoft. This 675 year old town has one main cobblestone street with shops, cafes and restaurants onkerbside. The quaint ways of ‘Molbo’s’ semi-timbered houses a common sight, as is the glass museum with a popular mirror room. This town also houses the world’s longest restored battle frigate, a wooden ship Jylland. At Ebeltoft, one could walk to the beaches from any location as it is a small town. Local ships sell unique local art objects, which tourists often buy.

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