Main Attractions and Sights in Recife

One of the most famous urban beaches in Brazil is an 8 km promenade, the Boa Viagem beach, along the Atlantic, which is located in Recife. This is considered as Recife’s most picturesque location. Compounded with the modern infrastructure of hotels and restaurants ready to welcome you and the fine sand along the beach with warm green waters, this beach provides the perfect relaxation, one would be looking forward to.

The Casa da Cultura de Recife, is the cultural marketplace of Recife. During the colonial period, this area was a prison. However, nowadays, it represents a centre for traditional arts. You can also enjoy some excellent music and dance performances here, during the nights.

Just outside the extremes of the city is the studio and museum of one of Brazil’s famous artists- ‘the Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand’. During the colonial period, this was a ceramics factory that has now been converted by Brennard into what it is today. The art gallery here displays more than two thousand imaginatively works: lizards bursting from parapets, hatted worms, geese with helmets, and many other fancy and crazy collections.

Animal lovers would like to visit the newly renovated ‘Horto Zoobotanico’ zoo and botanical garden. While those interested in the rich cultural history of the region can pay a visit to the highly acclaimed museum of ‘Museu de Homen do Nordeste’. One can also enjoy the Recife-Olinda Carnival which officially starts the week before Ash Wednesday.

Outside the city

Beaches are a major attraction in Brazil. Along the coast of Pernambuco, you will come across beaches catering to the desires of various types of people like Maria Farinha beach which would excite nautic sports practioners. Being located in the middle of the Pernambuco coast, the city of Recife would serve as a good initiation point if you are planning to visit major beach cities in Pernambuco.

One can easily put up at Recife and drive around to any of the beaches in Pernambuco. Located along the northern coast of Pernambuco is the farthest beach of Sao Jose da Coroa Grande, which is less than two hours away while towards the southern coastline of Pernambuco the farthest beach of Carne de Vaca is just over an hour away.

Porto de Galinhas is another beach one should definitely be looking forward to. This beach has been voted as the best beach in Brazil by one of the most famous Brazilian Travel Magazine. Located towards the north-east part of Brazil and near to the equator, this beach is characterized by a warm sea and permanent breeze and with a wide range of hotels and restaurants of different budgets, this destination has become a major tourist spot.

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