Main Attractions and Sights in Curitiba

Jardim Botanico de Curitiba, the Botanical Garden, is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. It is modelled after London’s Crystal Palace and has numerous native plants on display, all in one place. It is also well known for its greenhouse.

There is also a Botanical museum and a cultural center that exhibits works by the famous artist Frans Krajcberg. As far as art and culture is concerned there are many places of interest in Curitiba.

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum is a famous art museum where master pieces by Oscar Niemeyer himself are on display. The museum is spread across two buildings, each designed distinctly. In one of the buildings, popularly called the “Eye”, a few rooms have been dedicated specifically for display of photographic exhibits. This museum also showcases works from other artists in the region as well as from other parts of Brazil. There is another art museum, the Museu Metropolitano de Arte that showcases permanent exhibits from famous artists from across the country. The Guaíra is a popular theatre and is also one of the largest in Brazil.

The Panoramic Tower, a 360 feet tall lookout tower that is located in the city allows one to get a 360 degree bird’s eye view of Curitiba. This tower has a lift using which one can get to the top deck. Once there, the view of the city is breathtaking.

Curitiba has been a role model for preserving its natural habitats while also ensuring sustainable urban development. It has developed 26 major parks, some of which are major tourist attractions.

Curitiba is also home to many architecturally pleasing historical buildings. The Metropolitan Cathedral is one among them. The Historic District is also home to many other old structures from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Some buildings of interest are the Church of St. Francis and the Red House. The Historic District also holds regular craft fairs on Sundays that draw both tourists as well as locals.

Another area that tourists must visit while in Curitiba is Santa Felicidade, which is the restaurant district of Curitiba. It also has many vintage homes that offer a pleasant sight.

Outside the city

Graciosa Highway is a scenic route through the Atlantic forests in Southern Brazil. A drive along this road is highly recommended for nature lovers. It is a very old route that has been well preserved and allows one to enjoy the views of the mountains, the forests, as well as the sea. The spring season is the best time to travel this stretch. One of the other main attractions is the Iguaçu Falls that is located in the Iguaçu National Park bordering Argentina and Paraguay. The water falls are the main draw for tourists visiting this area. Apart from this, the area also boasts of natural splendour that brings in many eco-tourists from far and near

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