Introduction to Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest populated city in South America, with 15 million people. From the sandy beaches to historic museums, it has numerous attractions for tourists. The city is a blend of many cultures.

The climate of Sao Paulo is mostly subtropical humid climate. The months from December to February mark the summer season and humid and hot temperature can be experienced during these months, in the city. The months from June to August are cool and dry. The city experiences abundant rainfall, during warm months.

The city was found in 1554 by Jesuit missionaries, as a small backwater venue. It also was an important spot for slaving trading. With the abolition of slavery, the city slowly turned into a commercial village in the middle of the nineteenth century.

It is the third largest city in the world. The official language in Portuguese, but English, Spanish and French are also common. The favorite sport of people in Sao Paulo, is football. Every year, more than 16.5 million tourists visit the city. The city hosts almost 90 thousand events annually, creating more than 8 billion dollar revenue, for the city.

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