Main Attractions and Sights on Sun Island

Chinkana Inca Holy Temple is the most amazing ruins complex on the island. The Inca Palace also known as “El Laberinto”, is the main feature. The nearby white beach with deep blue water adds to the enchanting vision of the maze of stone walls and doorways.

The Inca Garden was the retreat of the Incas and was full of Andean flowers and trees, during that time.

Cha’llapampa is a town on the northern end of the island. This is where the boats from other cities drop you off. Enjoy the displays showing the Inca treasures discovered underwater off the island at the Gold Museum (Museo de Oro). You can enjoy a leisurely walk around the town and relax at the beach.

On the northern end are the ancient Inca sacred sites. You can go hiking on the Rock of Puma or Titi Kharka.This rock is where the lake gets its names from. At a short distance from the Rock of Puma, you will be able to see the Inca Table. This low platform made of stone was used for human sacrifices. Near to this site is the Footsteps of the Sun which is a set of natural impressions made on rock.

On the southern end of the island, from Yumani, you can see the Inca Steps, descend into the water. There is also a Fountain of Youth and the water from this fountain can provide eternal youth to those who drink it.

Take a short hike of 20 minutes to the Pilcocaina Archeological Center where you see ruins of a sacred site devoted to the worship of Inti. Inti or the Sun God is the supreme Inca deity.

Another optional stop in the boat tours is the Temple of Pilcocaina which is a little further towards the south.

You can enjoy a good swim here, as the water is not so cold. The best beaches to enjoy swimming are at the northern side, near Challapampa. Enjoy walking in the island from north (Challapampa) to south (Yumani). There are two paths which start at Challapampa, which you can take. One path goes through the archeological sites and passes the Sacred Rock or Rock of Origin. The other path skips the archeological sites. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature as you watch the sun set or the sun rise. The island provides a wonderful view of the Peruvian forests and the mountains. You can also enjoy star gazing as the sky is very clear and get a view of the South Cross and Arco Iris as they are clearly visible. You can also enjoy a boat ride on Lake Titicaca, which is the highest navigable lake in the world.

Outside the city
You can rent a boat from Yumani and visit Isla de la Luna.

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