Main Attractions and Sights in Santa Cruz

Plaza 24 de Septiembre is the main plaza of the city. You can spend a leisurely time at this plaza which is popular among the locals and tourists, both. You will find the sight of people sitting on benches, playing or feeding the pigeons, quite relaxing.

The main cathedral of Santa Cruz, Basilica Menor De San Lorenzo, is located here at the main plaza. This beautiful cathedral has a small museum with paintings, religious icons and sculptures, dating back to the colonial era .You can climb on the top of the bell tower of the cathedral and get a good view of the plaza.

Casa De La Cultura is where all cultural exhibits, concerts and recitals are held. There is also a permanent exhibit of crafts made by the indigenous people on display here. For all those who want to have a feel of the culture of the city, this place, is a must-go for them.

Enjoy the displays of the flora and fauna of the region at Museo de Historia Natural.

There are cultural trips organized to the Jesuit Missions. The 10 churches that remain in the Chiquitania region of Santa Cruz are beautiful examples of the blend of Catholic and local religious beliefs. They have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and are venue of an international festival of Baroque.

The riverbanks of Pirai River are ideal location for picnics where you can gather and socialize and enjoy typical camba food from  Cabañas Río Piraí which is nearby. Lomas de Arena de El Palmar has large sand dunes and fresh water lagoons where you can enjoy swimming.

Santa Cruz is wonderful option for people who love outdoor activities. You can book excursions and trekking in Park Amboro and Noel Kempff. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the river boat trip in the Amazon region.

The city also has a famous soccer academy, Academia de Futbol Tahuichi Aguilera where innovative training methods are used to train the young players.

Outside the city
Yvaga Guazú is 12.5 kms out of the city and a good place to go.

Some 40 kms west of the city is Parque Nacional Amboró where you can be witness to the rich biodiversity of the place. There are a number of native plant species here and with bird type count at 830, it has the highest bird type count of all the protected areas in the world.

Samaipata  is located just 2 1/2 hours east of Santa Cruz. You can take shared taxis to Samaipata and then go for trips along El Cerro de los Condores, visit the El Fuerte archaeological site with an ancient fortress, or go to a set of waterfalls known as the Cascadas las Cuevas.

There are many buses to Cochabamba, The Garden City, with a 10 hour travelling time from Santa Cruz. This metropolis is one of the oldest cities in the country.

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