Main Attractions and Sights in El Alto

Enjoy visiting 16 de Julio, the colorful open air market of the city selling all kinds of goods. It is a wonderful place to get a feel of the city and to learn about the local people. Enhance your experience of the place by trying out, local food. Taste the distinctive food of the place like the fricase or visit a street side stall, to have mocochinchi.

The people who seek adventure and who are looking at ways to get a glimpse into the culture of Bolivia definitely come to this city despite the warning that the city is not safe. Pay a visit to the fortunetellers of El Alto, for a very unique experience. The tradition of fortune telling has been practiced for ages in El Alto. In order to keep the tradition going, all the knowledge a yatiri has, he leaves it behind, with the next generation. The words of a yatiri carry a lot of weight or are considered very valuable.

On your stopover at the psychic, to know the things most likely to happen in your life in the future, you have to choose the method of how it should be told to you. You can pick one card from a set of tarot cards. You can have your palms read. Alternatively, you can choose the coco leaves, as your preferred method. An important element of any reading, is the offering made to the Mother Earth. An assortment of items like lizard skin and medicinal potions are burned as part of the ritual. This intriguing ritual gives you an experience, you would have never had before.

Another interesting thing to do here at El Alto is to visit an arena in the city, which is venue for the wrestling match of the Fighting Cholitas. As the evening approaches, rush to the arena to root for a performer, you like the most. In order to make the matches more entertaining, the wrestling match is coupled with a performance made by the local women. The sight of women dressed up in colorful customary attires, is very pleasing. This experience will remain in your mind forever as you witness the thrill of the match and the awesome performance by the local women.

Outside the City
Lake Titicaca is a popular destination. Arque in Oruro is another nearby attraction. Inquisivi is famous for Ayopaya and is not very far from the city. There are other tourist attractions nearby like Valle De La Luna and Huayna Potosi.

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