Main Attractions and Sights in Cochabamba

Visit the largest statue of Jesus in the world at Cristo de la Concordia .The statue here is higher and bigger than the one in Rio de Janeiro. This statue ceased to be the largest statue in 2010 when an even larger one was made in Poland.

You would not want to miss the unique experience as you stand in front of this statue and feel the enormity of the presence of Jesus. The shinning white statue is situated on the top of a hill overlooking Cochabamba. This place offers a wonderful view of the city. Enjoy a walk along Calle Columbia or enjoy a cable car ride.

Elegant Palacio de Portales is a must watch attraction of the city for all tourists. The beauty of the grounds and the impressive luxurious interiors are sure to enchant you. This mansion now serves as a cultural and education center. It houses the Museum of Contemporary Art.

La Heroinas De La Coronilla is a monument built to honor the women who died during Bolivia’s War of Independence. The monument is situated on a hill on the outskirts of the city and offers beautiful views of the city. The museum, Museo Arqueologico, has excellent collection of artifacts from the colonial as well as the ancient times. Museum of Archeology has pre-Columbian pottery, patterned hand-woven textiles; gold and silver work on display. You can also see mummies here.

The Cathedral is located at Plaza 14 de Septiembre, which is the center of the city. It is the oldest religious structure of the valley. The Cathedral has beautiful paintings and original frescos. Other churches worth visiting are the San Francisco Church (the second oldest church of Cochabamba), Santo Domingo (famous for its façade made of stone), Santa Teresa (this convent is the most interesting building in the town), La Recoleta. Casa de la Cultura has various art works on display. It also exhibits discoveries unearthed from pre-Inca burial site.

Take your children to Parquet Mariscal Santa Cruz, a recreation park, which is popular among the locals. Children can enjoy various children games and watch fascinating water fountains. Visit the city market called La Cancha on the south end of the town. This market is one of the biggest attractions of the city and is the largest open air market in South America. From souvenirs to food and clothes, this market has everything.

Share with the local people, their passion for food and try some of the local cuisine. Try the famous chichi, which is a fermented corn drink. If you want to feel the thrill and seek adventure, try paragliding at Cochabamba.

Outside the City
If your hunt for souvenirs continues, you can try the market at Punata. Tarata is a picturesque town near Cochabamba. It is nearby and you can enjoy a day trip to Tarata. There are hot springs near Cochabamba, at a distance of around 1.5 hours. 20 kms from Cochabamba is an artificial sea where you can enjoy a quiet time boating or fishing.

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