Introduction to El Alto

El Alto means the height in the Spanish language and the city, true to its name, is at a height of 4058 meters. This Bolivian city is the second largest city in the department of La Paz.

Growing rapidly, it has become one of the biggest urban centers of the country. El Alto is spread to the west of the canyon of La Paz.The city is mostly inhabited by the Aimara people.

Earlier, El Alto was used by the workers of the railway system and the airport of La Paz, for residential purposes. Therefore, the cityscape mostly consists of low buildings and the repetitiveness of the view is broken by the interspersed high and lofty churches. Sit back and enjoy the stunning sight of the La Paz. As you walk around on the dusty paths of El Alto, the always visible views of the snow-capped Cordillera Real is really enchanting.

El Alto is considered unsafe and dangerous. Avoid wearing valuable things and keep your things and backpack close to you.

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