Main Attractions and Sights in Spa

One of Spa’s greatest attractions is its hot, natural, swimming pool: the Spa that gives it its name. Its exact name is Les Thermes de Spa. It is a real marvel – with a total area of more than 8,500 square feet. Note that this is not an artificial spa (though it is referred to as the New Spa).

Rather, it is a natural spa, with the hot water that feeds it being water that comes directly from the historical Clementine spring.

Even before getting to dip into the spa, you will love the sight of it: what with its attendant geysers and other bubbling water features.

Moving on, even if you are not a gambling enthusiast, you will still find the Casino of Spa worth looking at. This is because, according to most historians, this is actually the world’s oldest (purpose-built) Casino, whose construction started in the mid 18th century. It is quite a beautiful building, even without its historical significance being factored in.

Spa Belgium is also home to the Leopold II Gallery. You will love the design of this particular gallery (as seen from outside), even before you venture to see what it has to offer.

Spa is also home to the Laundry Museum, where you get a chance to see how the technology people use to clean their outfits has evolved over time. Amazingly, some of the earliest washing machines that are on display in this particular museum are in fully serviceable condition.

Here, you also get a chance to learn about the evolution of soaps – and by the time you get out of this museum, you will have gone beyond taking the conveniences we have today for granted.

Spa is also host to one of the wonders of motorsport: the Spa-Francorchamps track, which is a good place to watch the Grand Prix of Belgium.

Even if you are not a motorsport enthusiast, you will find the grandeur of this particular track possibly breathtaking.

It will really be a pity if you make a trip to Spa Belgium, and leave without having a chance to taste sparkling water from the historic Pouhon Pierre le Grand.

To get deep insights into the culture and history of the people of Spa Belgium, you should make a point of visiting the town’s Ville d’Eaux Museum, which, apparently was at one point the Belgian Queen’s mansion, and which today hosts a remarkably rich museum of art. For further travel details on Spa, please ask your hotel.

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