Main Attractions and Sights in Mons

In order to take in as much of what Mons has to offer as possible, it makes sense to start your exploration of the city at the main square – located in the old city.

While in the square, you will probably feel as if you have been taken back to another age: thanks to the nature of the buildings you will be see, the cobbled streets and so much more.

This is also a place where you can do a bit of dining (as there are many fine restaurants) and a bit of shopping.

The Mons city hall is definitely a sight to behold, and a historical monument in its own right.

The Mayor’s Garden (Le Jardin du Maieur) is another interesting sight, with its remarkable fountain.

Towering at more than 80 meters, the Mons Belfry (built using the Baroque style) is a feature that will leave you awed.

You will also want to make a stopover at the Guardhouse Monkey, and perhaps even have a chance to make a wish upon it (it being, supposedly, a feature that was installed, hundreds of years ago, to bring good luck to the residents of Mons).

While in Mons, you may also consider visiting the Spanish House, the Royal Conservatory and St Waltrude Collegiate Church. All of these are amazing from an architectural and historical point of view. Please ask your hotel for more sightseeing tips during your trip to Mons.

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