Getting around in Ghent

Most people travel around Ghent either by light rail (trams) or by bus. There are also trains linking the city of Ghent with other neighboring areas, whilst also connecting the city’s central business district with the outlying areas of its metropolis.

Ghent’s bus and tram services are operated on ‘lines’: with the tram service having 5 lines, while the city bus service also has 5 lines. In the Ghent Municipality area, there are a total of 5 railway stations. Some of these have passenger train services on very regular intervals while others have relatively fewer services, apparently depending on demand on the respective routes.

Getting a taxi in Ghent shouldn’t be too hard. Ghent taxis are, however, generally not very cheap.

An interesting way to get around Ghent is by cycling. Like most other European cities, Ghent has gone to great lengths to encourage its residents and long-term visitors to use bicycles. It has gone as far as developing a model ‘cycle street’ where ‘right of way’ is granted to bicycles.

With its remarkably well developed transport infrastructure, getting around Ghent is never a real challenge: regardless of the part of the city you find yourself in.

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