Annual Events in Liege

January is the prime month for the Liege theatres, where there are special local plays held, where artists can display their talents.

February is the month of photography and visual art festivals that are held in different locations around the city.

March is the festival of engravings where artists from around the world not only gather to display their art but local artists can also create engravings for a small fee.

April is perhaps the most remarkable month because it holds the International Festival of Detective Films. Numerous stars from around the world attend this festival.

May sees two festivals which are the International Horseback Championships and a Jazz festival for music lovers!

June is the month of gardens and secret corners with parties that go late into the night.

July is also one for music as it boasts an Electro-Rock event!

August is the month of a walking festival with road-side attractions for all who participate in the great parade.

September Retrouvailles is the most touching festival as it means get together. People from all over the world return just to meet and have some fun and the tourism population is high.

October holds the Liege organ festival and the official funfair which means carnivals, colors and fun for all!

December has the best Christmas village with snow, trees, Santa and celebration all month until the New Year when a new ride starts all over again!

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